Recommendation: 'Riverdale' on Netflix

Hi there!

Today we'll strive away from books, because I want to recommend a TV show to you: 'Riverdale'! It's currently on Netflix and is updated weekly with a new episode (I know, can't even binge it... I would have looooved to binge it with some ice cream).

Yeah, strong women and a cute redhead, basically.

I'll try to tell you as much as I can.
The show is based on the characters of the same names created by 'Archie Comics'. Cheryl Blossom has just lost her twin brother Jason and the show starts of with the search for his murderer. The redhead above is Archie, who is caught between wanting to make music and playing football. The blonde girl is Betty, whose mother wants her to be a good girl which Betty begins to fight against. Then there is Veronica Lodge, the new girl who used to be a not so nice girl but tries to change. Jughead Jones (played by Cole Sprouse!!!) is an aspiring author and tries to find out what really happened to Jason.

Anyway, that's just a very, very brief summary. And there are only three episodes so far, so it's easy to catch up at this point.

Lemme tell you why I think it's amazing:
I'm a sucker for teenage dramas and mysteries and it's got all that. But instead of being just dramatic, the show focuses on important problems that young people face quite often (Racism, homophobia, slut-shaming). on the other hand it's got these fictional mystery-moments because nobody knows who actually killed Jason. This aspect reflects in the colors and the atmosphere as well, which is so cool.
I also love the vibe of the show: totally 'retro'. The diner, the clothing in many parts, the music and the way it is shot and edited. It's really cool and you should watch it.

So, get your asses on Netflix and catch up. And then be there every Friday, on the edge of your seat either laughing or screaming because it's so good!

-xoxo Lisa