Top 5 Wednesday: Current Favorites that aren't books

Hi there!
As always, I have a little post prepared for Top 5 Wednesday and I really like this week's topic: Current favorites that aren't necessarily book-related! That's such a cool topic! Let's just dive right in: 

1) Grey's Anatomy
I had heard so much about Grey's Anatomy that I decided to just take a look and see if it is for me. Since it was available on Amazon Prime I felt like it was a good opportunity to get into it. My boyfriend said he didn't like shows that aren't fun and so he didn't want to join me, at least at first. He found himself overhearing so much and asking me so much about what is happening that suddenly, he's been sitting beside me for all 8 seasons that we have finished so far - sometimes I feel like he loves it even more than I do.
So yeah, currently we're watching Grey's Anatomy and we're loving it!

2) Coffee from my university's Café
It just tastes so good and I find myself getting coffee 2-3 times per week while watching booktube videos (cause one can also get connected to the university's wifi there)! Coffee is life, coffee is love ♥

3) Staedtler fineliner in 36 different colors
I started bullet journaling recently and decided I needed some nice fineliners to properly organize my life - they're really nice and I paid about 15€ for 36 different fineliners!

4) Cookies
I love cookies, always have. And they go so well with coffee...

5) The "Moana" Soundtrack
Just listen to it and you'll know why! *Listen here*

Anyway, that's it for my Top 5 Wednesday. If some of my favorites correspond to yours, please let me know so we can gush about it together!

- xoxo Lisa