"99 Days" by Katie Cotugno

Hey there!
This book I picked up after I enjoyed "How to love" by Katie Cotugno so much. Afterwards I decided I wanted to read her other novel as well and it sounded interesting. It was one of the books sitting on my TBR for quite a while so I decided to finally pick it up, and boy I do not regret it.

Molly has 99 days left to spend in her hometown before leaving for college. It may seem like nothing but, since most people her age hate her, it's not that easy. They hate her, because she broke Patrick's heart and they're on his side.

Published in: April 21st 2015
Pages: 384 pages

My Opinion
I really liked this contemporary novel and I think Miss Cotugno writes fantastic teen romances. Her writing style is so fluid, easy to read and enjoyable. It felt authentic as if I was inside the head of a teenager.
The characters were well developed, they had flaws and quirks and things that made them unique (like it is in real life) and I loved that. All of the teens were very round and dynamic, far away from perfect which made them so real and loveable. They developed in front of your eyes, made you feel things and be proud of their little achievements.
The novel allowed a lot of emotions to be felt, especially sadness about Molly's treatment and anger towards the other people who are so hateful. There are a lot of funny and cute moments as well, it has all of the emotions and aspects one needs in the perfect contemporary novels. It dealt with a certain problem many young girls have to deal with and I think it dealt with that quite well, at least at the end.
I also liked the division of chapters into the 99 days Molly lives through. It felt like I was with her everyday and it felt like I was living these 99 days. The feeling of summer came through so well and since it's winter here, it was such a nice change. Warm fuzzy feelings, camping, summer jobs, getting iced coffee with friends... summer ♥
Especially the ending felt realistic. It wasn't picture perfect and the happiest, but it also didn't make me feel frustrated and unhappy. It wrapped up so nicely, I'm really proud of Cotugno for not falling back into clichés.
There is only one thing I disliked was the fact that Molly kept on making the same damn mistake and after a while I became so frustrated with her. On the other hand I think that made her more realistic as well, but while reading it really was frustrating.

Anyway, based on all of these facts I give the book a rating of 9 from 10 hearts. I enjoyed it a lot and can only recommend it!

xoxo Lisa