"Empress of a Thousand Skies" by Rhoda Belleza

Hi there lovelies!
This book was in my FairyLoot subscription box and I was so excited for it. It looks pretty and the genre is something new (at least for me) since it's supposed to be some kind of space opera. The cover is gorgeous, right?

Young Rihannon Ta'an is the crown princess of the galaxy and all she wants is revenge for the death of her family. On her 16th birthday she will ascent and become empress of the galaxy. Alyosha is a Wraetan star in a reality TV-Show.
Both need to go in hiding when Rhee is attacked and Aly is claimed to be her murderer. Both try to save their galaxy from the wrong people.


Pages: 314 pages
Published in: February 7th 2017

My Opinion: 
There was quite some hype around this book after it was released. That got me excited as well and so I had some hopes for this. Sadly, it was incredibly hard for me to get into the story and even at 150 pages I couldn't really find myself caring for the characters or the plot. I forced myself to finish the book and only the last 100 pages were somewhat interesting.
I think my problem was that there was just plot but no characters: for me that means the characters had nothing to make them unique or interesting - the only thing they have is the plot. I don't really care for a plot when the I don't feel anything for the characters. 
Another problem I had were all the words that were invented for this universe and were used right from the beginning without any explanation inside of the story. It confused me so much and made the reading process so annoyingly hard. It didn't feel right somehow and I didn't like it.
I did think the plot in itself was interesting and was nicely thought out - I just couldn't find myself caring for it. 

I did like how the chapters were separated into the point of view of both Rhiannon and Alyosha and how they stories start to intertwine. It was well thought out but sadly not well executed, at least in my opinion. I won't be reading the next book. Based on my thoughts I give the book 3 out of 10 hearts. I just didn't like it and I'm sorry for that, because I was really hyped for it.

- xoxo Lisa