"Everything, Everything" by Nicola Yoon

Hi there!
After seeing the trailer for 'Everything, Everything' I immediately felt the need to see the movie or read the book. Since the movie will come out in May and that's a few months away, I had to get the book. I do not own it, I got it from the library because the need to read was just THAT urgent.
Anyway, I'll tell you a bit about the book and how I liked it.


Maddie is sick and can't leave the house. She hasn't for the seventeen years she's been alive. Her sickness can be triggered from anything in the world so she has to stay in her home, where the air is filtered and no foreign bacteria can come in.
And she has been happy, until Ollie moves in next door and they both start to communicate. Suddenly Maddie knows there is more to the world than just being inside and staying healthy.

The Facts

Pages: 306
Published in: September 1st of 2015

My Opinion:
Since I had seen the trailer for the movie, I already knew quite a bit about the story and I was excited. I expected something different but I was not disappointed. It was a very, very quick and cute read. The quickness came because of the pages that were filled with pictures, diagrams, diary entries or just one sentence and so those 306 (that's not much!) pages were actually even less. I disliked that because I wanted more - it felt a bit too rushed and I wish there had been more little moments to enjoy and to find more love for the characters. So even though these different media used for presentation brought the story closer, they also took more plot/story from us and the book would only have benefited from that.
I feel like the characters were missing some depth and personal scenes portraying who they really are. I was missing some little quirks, flaws or personal habits. It was still very enjoyable and a cute and different twist on the Romeo/Juliet principle (forbidden love). And I still liked both Maddy and Ollie, they were cute characters.

The writing style was very enjoyable and it felt 'young' in the sense that it can be read from 12 years and up. The writing was fluent, easy to get into and just felt like a lot of fun, even though I think at many points the narrator told more than it showed. Showing is usually a preferred method because it brings in more depth - which I felt the book lacked.

Considering all of these points, I would give the book a solid rating of 7 of 10 hearts - it was just so cute and enjoyable, any hearts less would not be fair. Now I'll wait excitedly for the movie and I hope you do. Maybe it is enough to just wait for the movie, but we'll see when it comes out!

- xoxo Lisa