"Six of Crows" by Leigh Bardugo

Hi there lovelies!
Everybody knows this book - you cannot not know it if you have ever seen a booktube video, a bookstagram or went to any YA book section. I feel very late on this train but I just jumped on and boy, let me tell you - it was a wild ride. But it was amazing.
Of course one always questions the hype around any book, if it's justified and why. That's the way it was with this book.

As it is said on the cover: six dangerous outcasts in a city loosely similar to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. They don't have anything so of course they say yes to a seemingly impossible heist that promises a lot of money.


Pages: 465 pages 
Published in: 29th of September 2017

My Opinion:
There was so much hype around this book so I absolutely had to read it. The book moved to the top of my TBR and how I have finally read it. I decided to read this duology before reading the Grisha-trilogy. I heard this duology was supposed to be better so I wanted to enjoy it first. I'm now really determined to read the Grisha-trilogy as well because I fell in love with the Grishaverse.

There were a lot of things I loved:
  •  I loved the atmosphere: I live in Germany quite close to the border to the Netherlands and every word about Ketterdam reminded me so much of Amsterdam and it felt so right! I think it was mentioned in the acknowledgments that Leigh Bardugo used books about Amsterdam as a reference, so I'm pretty sure Ketterdam is based on Amsterdam. I recognized a lot of words as sounding either Dutch or Norwegian (I'm not sure if they actually are, but they did sound like that). The atmosphere was dark, grungy and just perfect for the characters. That gets us to the next point.

  • The characters were so well-developed and I fell in love with them so quickly. I loved how their group dynamic developed throughout the 450 pages. Each of them were so unique and so flawed, but lovable in every way. Their place of origin or upbringing played a big role for many of them and I loved how that was incorporated into their characters.

  • The plot was amazing and it somehow never got boring. I was always on the edge and so eager to know what is coming next. It was so gripping and the cliff hanger at the end... I'm so glad I bought both books at once! 

I have to admit it took me the first 30 pages to really get into it and understand the concept of the Grisha and how society works in this book, but after that I was flying through the pages. I'm ultra in love with this series so it's no wonder I'm giving this book 10 out of 10 hearts.

- xoxo Lisa