Top 5 Wednesday: "Favorite Angsty Romances"

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Top 5 Wednesday is a tag created by Lainey over at Goodreads. This weeks topic is "Favorite Angsty Romances" and since those are my favorite kind of romances, I have a strong opinion for this topic. Get yourself ready for some angsty romances, maybe you'll discover some you haven't heard of yet.

"Sempre" by J.M. Darhower

This one is my favorite romance and it is seriously amazing. It's about Carmine, born into a Mafia family and Haven, a young slave who was bought by Carmine's father.
That one sentence already shows how angsty this story gets and oh my god, it's just so good. If you have never heard of this or haven't read it yet, you should do it immediately. It'll break your heart and you will cry. Probably.

"Me before you" by Jojo Moyes

Everybody knows this book or it's movie. Will Traynor had an accident and is now bound to a wheelchair and is not able to move. Young Louise is in desperate need for a job and ends up working as Wills caretaker for a while.
The angst for me is in the way Will feels and the way I felt when reading it. I'm not sure if it's typically considered as an angsty romance, but I would consider it as one. Would you consider it as one or can somehow understand my reasoning?

"Rome" by Jay Crownover

Any of the "Marked Men"-books are good angsty romances but I like Rome's story the most. Both Rome and Cora have lived through a lot and finding to each other is not an easy way. It's angsty, it's sad but lovely as well.
You don't necessarily need to have read any other "Marked Men"-book but I would recommend, because the books which were released before would be spoiled then. I'd recommend reading them all!

"Suicide Watch" by Kelly York

This book is really angsty, deep and sad. Vincent has been living in foster homes and has never felt at home until Maggie took him in. When Maggie dies, Vincent has nothing left. In a pro-suicide forum he meets other people who feel like him.
It's a lgbtq-love story as well which I thought is really neat, they are rare after all.

"Ten Tiny Breaths" by K.A. Tucker

It's the classic "He's broken and she is broken too"- kind of story but it was well executed and has just the right amount of angst. It also contains enough romance and also humor to make it absolutely enjoyable.
I remember feeling very much with the main protagonist Kacey and her life. The author was able to connect me to Kacey's emotions so it's a really good read.

That's all for this topic. See you next time, lovelies!

- xoxo Lisa